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What does Liberty Resources Acquisition do?
Liberty Resources Acquisition (NASDAQ:LIBY) focuses on identifying and merging with companies, assets, or businesses, primarily in the energy sector. It operates as a special purpose acquisition company, aiming to facilitate acquisitions, capital stock exchanges, asset acquisitions, stock purchases, reorganizations, or similar business combinations. Liberty Resources aims to leverage the expertise of its management team to secure and enhance the value of its acquisitions, targeting opportunities that promise growth and profitability in the energy industry. The company's objectives include creating significant shareholder value through strategic and well-executed mergers and acquisitions, leveraging its industry insights to capitalize on evolving market trends.
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Where is the head office for Liberty Resources Acquisition ?

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New York, United States

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What does Liberty Resources Acquisition specialise in?
/Oil Exploration /Gas Production /Resource Acquisition /Energy Industry /Project Financing /Asset Management

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Overview of Liberty Resources Acquisition offerings
Target Identification: LIBY actively searches for a promising private company to acquire. Their initial focus might have been on the oil and gas sector, but they aren't limited to that industry.
Evaluation & Due Diligence: Once a target is identified, LIBY performs a comprehensive analysis (due diligence) to assess the target's business model, market potential, and financial health.
Negotiation & Deal Structuring: If a suitable target is found, LIBY negotiates the terms of the merger agreement with the target company, outlining details like ownership structure and financial compensation.
Financing & Public Offering: In some cases, LIBY might secure additional financing to support the acquisition and facilitate the merged company's public offering on the stock exchange.
Merger Facilitation: They manage the legal and logistical aspects of merging with the target company to create a new publicly traded entity.
Post-Merger Support (Limited): There might be some limited post-merger support offered to the newly public company, but this wouldn't be their core function.

Who is in the executive team of Liberty Resources Acquisition ?

Liberty Resources Acquisition leadership team
  • Dr. Maznah  binti Abdul Jalil
    Dr. Maznah binti Abdul Jalil
    Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Khalid  Ahmad
    Mr. Khalid Ahmad
    CFO & Secretary