Next week, the ZKsync Association has announced plans to execute a significant airdrop, targeting a total of 695,232 eligible wallets.

This initiative is part of their strategic effort to prioritise "real people first," ensuring that the recipients of this airdrop are individuals who have actively contributed or participated in their ecosystem.

By distributing tokens directly to these users, the ZKsync Association aims to foster a more inclusive and user-centric community, rewarding those who have shown genuine interest and engagement.

The decision to focus on real users underscores a commitment to fairness and the promotion of genuine usage within the blockchain space, distinguishing ZKsync’s approach from other platforms.

This move is not only expected to enhance the value proposition of the ZKsync network but also to strengthen the bond between the project and its community members.

Through this airdrop, the ZKsync Association is setting a precedent for how projects can incentivise and acknowledge their user base, highlighting a shift towards more equitable distribution methods in the cryptocurrency domain.