YieldNest has announced a transformative merger with PrimeStaked's primeETH, integrating it into YieldNest's ynLSD product to advance DeFi innovation.

This collaboration underscores YieldNest's commitment to leading in liquid management and programmatic yield for restaked DeFi assets.

PrimeStaked, powered by Origin Protocol, brings a history of pioneering in the DeFi sector, ensuring users benefit from cutting-edge advancements.

YieldNest's ynLSD introduces liquid restaking derivatives (LSDs) like ynLSDe and ynLSDs, leveraging platforms like EigenLayer (CRYPTO:EIGEN) and Symbiotic for enhanced yield opportunities.

The merger aims to transition YieldNest into a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), empowering community governance and sustainability.

This strategic alliance promises to create a robust ecosystem with lucrative rewards for users migrating from primeETH to YieldNest's platform.