The XR Foundation, in collaboration with Saltwater Games, launches XR One, a gaming-focused Layer 3 blockchain powered by the native $XR token.

Leveraging technology from the Arbitrum Foundation, XR One promises immersive, community-driven gaming experiences with unparalleled performance and security benefits.

Saltwater Games leads the development with plans to integrate three titles in 2024 and 2025, emphasizing player-centric innovation and inclusivity.

XR One aims to revolutionize competitive gaming by offering a broad range of interactive experiences where players can earn rewards, influence game development, and engage in governance decisions.

The $XR token facilitates marketplace transactions, access to gameplay features, governance, and serves as the network's native gas token.

With a vision for the future of gaming, XR One plans to expand its ecosystem with real-world partnerships to enhance the value of $XR and offer additional benefits to its community members.