WienerAI (CRYPTO:WAI), an AI-themed project currently in presale, has surged in popularity by raising $7.2 million, echoing the success of MINU (CRYPTO:MINU) in the meme coin space.

MINU, known for its unique "mining dog coin" model on the Binance Smart Chain, has seen a 26% increase in value recently, despite Bitcoin's volatile market behavior.

WienerAI distinguishes itself with an AI-powered trading bot designed to assist users in navigating crypto markets effectively.

The presale offers WienerAI's native WAI token at an attractive rate of $0.000726 each, with 30% of the total supply allocated for presale buyers.

The project aims to utilise its tokens for staking rewards, liquidity, community incentives, and marketing, blending meme appeal with advanced trading technology to attract both new and experienced traders.