People are Googling Buru Energy (ASX: BRU), with this stock ranking in the top 5 for finance-related searches on Google in Australia today.

Buru Energy is an ASX-listed oil and gas exploration and production company focused on developing oil and gas resources in the Canning Basin of Western Australia. Its current operations include exploration activities in the onshore Melvin and Yulleroo fields, and the offshore Vulcan Sub-basin. Objectives include the development of the Ungani oil field, and the exploration of other prospective basins. The company is also actively involved in the development of unconventional gas resources.

The trending news today about this stock relates to the Company has announced that they will acquire Origin Energy’s Canning Basin Joint Venture interests. Commenting on the transaction, Chair of Buru Energy, Mr Eric Streitberg said: “The original farmin agreement with Origin provided the funding and the impetus that resulted in the Rafael discovery that has now assumed even more significance given the current focus on the West Australian and international gas markets.” Shares are trading 11.7 per cent higher at 10.5 cents.