The gaming industry is preparing for a transition towards more player-oriented Web3 games, attracting attention from insiders like Bitget's managing director.

This shift aims to bring in Web2 veterans into the GameFi arena and evolve the core philosophy of Web3 gaming from 'play-to-earn' to 'play-and-earn.'

The focus on 'play-and-earn' is crucial for driving mainstream crypto adoption among gamers by balancing economic benefits with engaging gameplay.

Current Web3 games often prioritise economic aspects over gameplay, leading to criticism and concerns about user experience.

Bitget's managing director, Gracy Chen, emphasises the importance of enhancing game mechanics and overall user experience to captivate a broader audience, especially those familiar with Web2 gaming.

The future success of Web3 games in 2024 hinges on their ability to offer compelling gameplay that rivals traditional games while integrating the play-and-earn model to attract mainstream gamers.