The world of crypto is rich territory for some pretty mind-bending stories.

Nobody saw this coming.

Budweiser, the popular American beer manufacturer, has teamed up with Sydney-based gaming tech company, Zed Run, in a new virtual NFT-based horse racing and wagering game.

Known for famously featuring Clydesdale horses in their promos and commercials, Budweiser is also a major sponsor of horse racing events around the world.

The partnership will launch a Budweiser-themed race track including Budweiser NFT passes with prize pools for the Bud-sponsored virtual horse races starting at $45,000. Three tiers of Clydesdale NFT skins will be available for use in Zed Run via airdrop.

From June 10, 2,500 Budweiser Pass NFTs will be available for purchase (to users 21 and above) for a maximum of 24 hours. The NFTs will cost as much as $225 plus gas fees.