Space Coin Project has become the latest player to enter into the space travel sector as the platform aims to give everyday citizens the opportunity to explore the stars.

The project uses a collective purchasing power model similar to that of Groupon?s with the intent to create an indexable fair market value for space travel, allowing anyone to gain access to visit space.

When asked about the inspiration behind the formulation of the all-new governance token, CEO, Mr. Jason Chang said, ?Our mission is to create a social movement with a decentralised organisation at its core to represent the community of space enthusiasts around the world.?

Users who own the token can vote on major projects such as future improvements to the liquidation process and participate in SpaceDAO. The SpaceDAO's most important feature is deciding how many tokens a user needs to redeem for a journey to space.

SpaceDAO aspires to be the first decentralised organisation to join the Commercial Spaceflight Federation and other similar groups.