The world of crypto is rich territory for some pretty mind-bending stories.

Nobody saw this coming.

For the first time, a crypto satellite the size of a coffee cup has launched into low Earth orbit, pioneering the new frontier for blockchain-related encryption.

Cryptosat launched a crypto satellite module, Crypto1, from Space Florida on Wednesday, making it the first time blockchain technology has been sent into space, onboard a Falcon 9 rocket headed for SpaceX's Transport 5 mission.

According to Cryptosat co-founder, Yonatan Winetraub, he described the company as ?basically joining the Uber of spaceflight.? Cryptosat?s main objectives include building satellites that power cryptographic, blockchain and ledger applications.

CTO Yan Michalevsky stated that the launch will be the first of its kind, since it will be the only cryptography system "not reliant on other businesses' satellites." In the future, the business plans to implement zero-knowledge-proof protocols.

Zero-knowledge proof is a sophisticated encryption technique for safely verifying transaction data that is commonly utilised in voting procedures for decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs).

Michalevsky further stated that space communication will be done via radio frequency, rendering the devices inaccessible to hackers on Earth.