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We can't believe this actually happened

The world of crypto is rich territory for some pretty mind-bending stories.

Nobody saw this coming.

With PayPal having already cemented itself as a juggernaut within the online payments industry, the company?s new push into the crypto space is pioneering a new frontier for daily financial activities.

The new embrace of cryptocurrency represents a watershed moment for both the firm and its consumers.

Previously, PayPal served as a wallet for making deposits and payments for goods and services however, the ability to purchase leading cryptocurrencies is a significant added benefit as the platform's security is also a safeguard against cryptocurrency scams.

PayPal's senior vice president of blockchain, crypto, and digital currencies, Jose Fernandez da Ponte, had recently explained the company?s strategy as being centred on user experience familiarity. Ponte believes that any future success is contingent on providing solutions to current challenges and allowing for innovation within the space.

The increased use of cryptocurrency adoption has been deemed as a way to bridge the economic divide in the United States.