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We can't believe this actually happened

The world of crypto is rich territory for some pretty mind-bending stories.

Nobody saw this coming.

Investors continue to inject money into blockchain games with around US$2.5bn being raised in Q1.

Since just over a year ago, blockchain-powered games have skyrocketed a mammoth 2,000%, according to dapp market data provider, DappRadar.

They also further stated that ?2022 investments will be 150% higher than last year?.

Sky Mavis, the firm behind the hugely popular blockchain-based game Axie Infinity, attracts over 1.5 million daily users as the play-to-earn phenomenon is among the top 10 most played games based on daily usage.

Despite the recent crypto market downfall, investors have remained bullish about blockchain gaming, continuing to pour billions into the sector as they eye major returns in the near future.