Vodafone, a UK-based telecom giant, plans to revolutionise smartphone technology by integrating crypto wallets into SIM cards, aiming to tap into the growing blockchain market.

This initiative coincides with Vodafone Idea Ltd., in India, seeking $1.8 billion in loans as part of a broader $2.9 billion debt-raising strategy.

David Palmer, Vodafone's Blockchain Lead, outlines a vision to link SIM cards to digital identities and blockchain networks by 2030, anticipating a surge in smartphone usage and crypto wallet adoption.

Despite financial maneuvers involving Vodafone Idea Ltd., Vodafone Group pursues strategic partnerships, such as a recent collaboration with Microsoft to introduce AI services.

This venture reflects a broader trend of merging mobile technology with blockchain, reminiscent of VaultTel's 2019 endeavor to create physical wallets compatible with smartphone SIM slots.