Uniswap Labs has launched an Android mobile wallet app on the Google Play store, allowing users to execute trades on its decentralised exchange (DEX) without the need for a separate web browser. The release followed a closed beta that commenced in October.

The Uniswap platform, with approximately $US3 billion in crypto assets locked in, has incorporated adjustments to the app based on initial user feedback from the iOS version launched in April.

The Android app supports additional languages to broaden its user base and offers the capability to view the value of crypto holdings in users' local currencies.

Uniswap Labs anticipates strong demand for the Android app, citing consistent requests on social media and in community feedback.

In a separate development, Uniswap founder Hayden Adams has debunked rumours of a $US2 million exploit on the decentralised exchange (DEX), attributing the misinformation to phishing scammers.

These scammers mimicked the accounts of on-chain investigator ZachXBT and blockchain security firm CertiK to trick users into clicking a link for supposed approval revocation.

Adams assured the crypto community that the DEX did not suffer an exploit and cautioned users against falling for phishing scams.