UK judge has issued a Worldwide Freezing Order on $7.6 million of Craig Wright's assets, spotlighting the legal repercussions following his disputed claim as the creator of Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC), Satoshi Nakamoto.

The court's decisive action to freeze Wright's assets stems from concerns over his potential evasion of payment costs related to the high-profile trial against the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA), which challenged his assertion of being the elusive Nakamoto.

Wright's contentious claims to Bitcoin's creation, dating back to 2016, faced a significant setback earlier this month when Judge James Mellor ruled against him, citing "overwhelming evidence" that debunked his assertions, marking a pivotal moment in the crypto community's long-standing debate over Nakamoto's identity.

The freezing order reflects the judge's apprehension about Wright's intentions regarding the trial's cost payments, especially after maneuvers that suggested a possible offshoring of assets, such as transferring shares of his company to a Singaporean entity immediately following the trial's conclusion.