Paris Saint-Germain's PSG (CRYPTO:PSG) fan token saw a sharp rise to $5 following their victory over FC Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League, while Manchester City's CITY (CRYPTO:CITY) token dipped by nearly 20% after their elimination by Real Madrid.

The surge in PSG token value coincided with a significant increase in trading volume, contrasting with the decline in CITY token value after Manchester City's defeat.

Fan tokens, integral to sports clubs' engagement strategies, offer benefits such as voting rights and rewards, impacting community retention and merchandise sales.

Artur Shustov, CEO of Coinband, highlights the role of fan tokens in enhancing fan engagement and predicts a growing trend of more sports teams issuing their own tokens in the future.

The success of PSG and Manchester City's fan tokens underscores the potential for blockchain technology to revolutionize the sports industry and deepen fan interaction.