Tron has filed a request with a New York federal court to dismiss the lawsuit brought against it by the SEC, challenging the regulatory body's jurisdiction over its operations.

Tron argues that the SEC lacks authority over digital asset offerings made to foreign purchasers on international platforms, asserting that the activities in question are primarily foreign.

The Tron Foundation criticises the SEC's attempt to enforce U.S. security laws on what they view as mostly foreign conduct, labeling it as overly aggressive and beyond its rightful scope.

This legal action follows the SEC's lawsuit against Justin Sun, the Tron Foundation, and associated entities, alleging that Tron's sale of TRX and BitTorrent (BTT) tokens constituted unregistered securities offerings.

Tron not only disputes the SEC's jurisdiction but also questions the applicability of U.S. securities law to its operations, emphasising the international nature of digital asset transactions and the global platform on which they occurred.