After a lengthy legal battle, Robert Gronkowski, Victor Oladipo, and Landon Cassill are nearing a resolution in a lawsuit tied to their promotion of Voyager Digital.

In a recent development, a Florida judge gave preliminary approval to a legal settlement, which mandates the trio to pay over $2.4 million for claims associated with endorsing the crypto firm Voyager Digital.

This resolution was reached after Judge Roy Altman of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida okayed the settlement on June 10, following the announcement by the athletes' attorneys in May about their agreement to pay the said amount—with Gronkowski contributing $1.9 million of the total.

The lawsuit was initially part of a broader legal challenge that included accusations against Mark Cuban for allegedly misrepresenting Voyager’s services, hence leading uninformed investors to financial losses after the company went bankrupt.

Although this settlement, if given final approval, will clear the names of Gronkowski, Oladipo, and Cassill, it leaves Cuban and the Mavericks still facing legal scrutiny.