Tottenham Hotspur has made history by becoming the first Premier League team in two years to introduce its fan token, leveraging the Chiliz blockchain.

The fan token is called $SPURS and the issuance will be facilitated through, a fan engagement platform built upon the Chiliz infrastructure, known for its collaboration with more than 80 major sporting teams worldwide. issues and manages sports team fan tokens, offering tangible real-world rewards and digital collectibles to supporters. Additionally, users gain the opportunity to engage in decisions akin to decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) related to their beloved teams.

The launch of the $SPURS grants holders the ability to partake in on-chain voting on various team-related matters, including the potential for kit changes.

Tottenham Hotspur will partner with MatchWornShit, a platform specializing in player-worn jersey auctions, with authentication facilitated through the Chiliz blockchain.

The introduction of $SPURS is expected to elevate the team's existing membership programs by introducing new club-related rewards and experiences, as stated by Ryan Norys, Tottenham's Commercial Sales Director.

The tokens are scheduled for launch on October 4 and will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges that support Chiliz tokens.