Real-World Assets (RWA) cryptocurrencies have gained traction, despite a recent market dip from $9 billion to $6 billion.

Ondo (CRYPTO:ONDO) leads the sector with a $1.4 billion market cap and a price around $1, having reached a high of $1.50 in June.

Mantra (CRYPTO:OM), the second-largest RWA coin, boasts a market cap over $700 million and has surged 3,000% yearly, peaking at $1.09 last month.

Pendle (CRYPTO:PENDLE) offers decentralised financial services with a focus on yield tokenisation, currently trading at $3.80 after an all-time high of $7 in April.

Chromia (CRYPTO:CHR) has bucked negative trends, rising 8% daily to surpass $0.26, partly due to joining the AWS Partner Network and announcing its MVP Mainnet launch on July 16.

These top RWA cryptocurrencies are essential to monitor for their potential in bridging TradFi and DeFi.