Artificial Intelligence (CRYPTO:AI) cryptocurrencies are gaining momentum, with several standout performers this month.

NEAR Protocol (CRYPTO:NEAR) leads the pack, valued at $5.40 and predicted to potentially reach $8 after a recent price surge.

Internet Computer (CRYPTO:ICP) follows with a resurgence, currently trading around $8 after hitting nearly $20 earlier in the year.

Notably, ICP ranks high in development frequency according to Santiment.

Render (CRYPTO:RNDR) stands out with a market cap nearing $3 billion, boosted by recent Coinbase integration and trading services. This strategic move has bolstered RNDR's market appeal.

Akash Network (CRYPTO:AKT) is also on the rise, up 4% daily and 30% weekly, trading at approximately $3.80.

For investors interested in AI-focused cryptocurrencies, these assets present significant growth opportunities amid the evolving AI landscape.