In 2024, the Telegram Open Network (TON) has emerged as a top-performing Layer 1 blockchain, outperforming Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) by 118%.

TON's robust network effect, bolstered by its integration with Telegram, has positioned it as a noteworthy player in the cryptocurrency market.

Unlike many Layer 1 chains, TON and BNB (CRYPTO:BNB) have significantly surpassed Bitcoin's performance this year.

The network's growth is fueled by its expanding ecosystem, including innovative projects like Notcoin (CRYPTO:NOT) and strategic partnerships, such as with Tether (CRYPTO:USDT) and the Oobit (CRYPTO:OBT) mobile app, which facilitate seamless USDT-to-fiat transactions.

These developments have significantly contributed to TON's rising market capitalisation and user engagement.