Tokenisation of U.S. Treasuries on public blockchains surpasses the $1 billion mark, showcasing the growing convergence between traditional finance and blockchain technology.

This milestone, achieved on March 28 across 17 products, has been driven by adoption of Ethereum (CRYPTO:ETH), Polygon (CRYPTO:MATIC), and Stellar (CRYPTO:XLM) networks, highlighting the efficiency and viability of blockchain for asset issuance.

Stellar Foundation's Paul Wong underscores the significance of this shift, noting that asset issuers increasingly recognise blockchain's business advantages.

The trend reflects broader movement among traditional financial institutions towards integrating blockchain solutions, particularly amidst sustained high interest rates, prompting exploration of alternative avenues for security tokenisation.

These developments signify an ongoing fusion of traditional financial mechanisms with innovative blockchain capabilities, promising to reshape asset management and investment strategies in the future.