The Night of 2049 Token EVE, hosted by OOKC Labs (CRYPTO:OOKC), Port3 (CRYPTO:PORT3), and CESS (CRYPTO:CESS) at Dubai's cyberpunk venue BlaBla, ushers in the much-anticipated Token2049 Dubai, marking a significant moment in the crypto calendar.

With the backing of RAKDAO (CRYPTO:RAK), the world's first digital asset free zone, this exclusive event draws a crowd of a thousand attendees, including giants like Tencent Cloud (CRYPTO:TCT), Qtum (CRYPTO:QTUM), and Kucoin (CRYPTO:KCS), celebrating the resurgence of the crypto bull market.

OOKC Labs, a leading Middle Eastern crypto institution, takes the lead in providing comprehensive consulting services, ensuring crypto companies transition from concept to successful market entry.

The Port3 Network, as a decentralised AI service protocol, lays the groundwork for a global data layer that powers Web3 AI applications, demonstrating the innovative fusion of blockchain and artificial intelligence.

CESS introduces a decentralised storage and content transmission network, prioritising data sovereignty and user privacy, and addressing the challenge of storing and accessing high-frequency dynamic data in the blockchain ecosystem.