TOKEN2049 Dubai has officially sold out, confirming the presence of 10,000 attendees over two weeks before the event, spotlighting Dubai's emerging role as a pivotal hub for the crypto and Web3 industries and underscoring the global interest in the sector.

The conference is set to feature a diverse array of speakers, including prominent figures like Pavel Durov of Telegram and Balaji Srinivasan, alongside over 200 industry leaders, promising insightful discussions on the ecosystem's current dynamics and future prospects.

With 90% of participants coming from outside Dubai, TOKEN2049 is poised to be a truly international event, showcasing the global community's keen interest in exploring the intersections of AI, Web3, and other cutting-edge technological advancements.

Beyond the conference, TOKEN2049 Week will host over 300 side events across Dubai, offering attendees a rich tapestry of networking opportunities, technological showcases, and cultural experiences, culminating in the AFTER 2049 closing party.