The Open Summit, slated as the largest TON event this summer, will unfold from August 6-8, 2024, at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center.

Organised by TONX and part of ABS2024, the summit aims to galvanize the global TON community with pivotal announcements and practical sessions.

Key figures like Steve Yun of the TON Foundation and leaders from Catizen and OKX Ventures will headline the event.

With a thematic focus on "TON Summer," attendees can anticipate insights into Telegram’s expansive reach and its synergistic potential with TON.

Sessions will empower participants to harness this synergy through Mini Apps and marketing strategies tailored to Telegram’s 900 million users.

A highlight is the Code Summer Hackathon, offering a $500,000 prize pool and a gateway to the TONX Accelerator’s $5,000,000 fund.