Bitcoin remains steady trading around US$29,700 this morning after JPMorgan said Bitcoin?s fair price is 28% higher than its current level, implying ?significant upside from here? following a sharp sell-off in cryptocurrencies in recent times. JPMorgan also said that cryptos had ?overtaken real estate as one of its preferred alternative assets?.

Layer 1 blockchain network Celestia has announced the launch of the ?Mamaki? testnet, taking it closer to becoming the first fully functional modular blockchain network, allowing users to spin up their own blockchains at scale while maintaining the security standards of rival layer 1 blockchains.

And the bill regulating crypto mining and trading in Paraguay has moved one step closer to becoming law after the country?s Chamber of Deputies approved a number of changes to the legislation before approving it, meaning it will now return to the Senate for final approval of the changes.