Bitcoin has pulled back more than 3.5% over the last 24-hours but is stabilising around US$30,000 after last week?s sharp sell-off. Investors remain wary of market volatility and have a lower appetite for risk assets after the recent alt coin driven crash.

The Luna Foundation Guard, the entity whose task was to maintain the stability of the terraUSD peg, has said it spent nearly all of its Bitcoin reserves to defend the UST?s dollar peg as it collapsed last week. The entity said it will compensate users of the failed stablecoin. Over the last 24-hours TerraUSD is down 35.56%.

And Deus Finance?s DEI Token has become the latest stablecoin to lose its 1-to-1 peg to the US dollar, with the token now trading 36% lower over the last 24-hours around US$0.559.