Tether (CRYPTO:USDT) has made a significant leap into the artificial intelligence realm announcing a strategic shift towards developing open-source AI models and inviting global talent to join their newly established division.

With the intention to counter the monopolization in the AI industry Tether is set on creating open-source alternatives that aim to rival the capabilities of existing closed-source models.

The stablecoin giant is not just focusing on the technological aspect but also plans to integrate these AI solutions into market-driven products tackling real-world problems and contributing to the open AI ecosystem.

Paolo Ardoino Tether's CEO highlighted the transformative potential of AI across various sectors and the company's commitment to playing a pivotal role in this technological revolution.

Beyond the move into AI Tether's recent investments in AI hardware through substantial funding to Northern Data and Nvidia underline its serious commitment to fostering innovation and setting new standards in the AI space.