Tether (CRYPTO:USDT) is breaking new ground by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into its operations, aiming to set a precedent for openness and fairness in the industry, unlike the secluded practices of some major corporations.

The stablecoin giant is launching a global talent hunt to build an elite AI team, reflecting its commitment to combating the monopolization of AI technologies and fostering a more inclusive tech environment.

By venturing into AI, Tether is not just broadening its technological horizons but also reinforcing its role as a pioneer in the blockchain and cryptocurrency realms, challenging the status quo of Big Tech's handling of privacy and transparency.

Tether's investment in Northern Data Group and its push for AI signifies a strategic pivot towards leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance transparency, privacy, and inclusivity in digital finance.

Through its ambitious AI initiative, Tether aspires to revolutionize the development and application of AI technologies, ensuring they benefit a wider audience and contribute to a more equitable technological landscape.