TeraWulf (NASDAQ:WULF) has shared a compelling update on its production and operational achievements for March 2024, marking significant progress in its cryptocurrency mining operations.

In a remarkable display of efficiency, TeraWulf reported mining a total of 379 bitcoins over the month, maintaining an impressive daily average production rate of 12.2 bitcoins.

This achievement comes as the company continues to enhance its mining infrastructure by integrating advanced technology and equipment.

A key strategy in TeraWulf's operational upgrade was the replacement of approximately 1,000 older mining units with the state-of-the-art S19k Pro models, leading to a notable month-over-month increase in the company's installed hash rate capacity, which now stands at 8 EH/s.

Looking ahead, TeraWulf anticipates further expansion with the imminent arrival and installation of an additional 3,000 S19k Pro miners at its Lake Mariner facility in early April.

Additionally, the construction of Building 4 at Lake Mariner, which is expected to supply an additional 35 MW of power, remains on schedule for completion by mid-2024.

This development is set to boost TeraWulf's operational hash rate capacity to an ambitious 10 EH/s.