Over the span of just four days, from July 1 to July 4, a total of $207.28 million flooded into the tech startup ecosystem, focusing on artificial intelligence (AI), cryptocurrency, and blockchain initiatives.

Leading the charge was Sentient, securing a significant $85 million from prominent investors like Founders Fund and Pantera Capital for its open-source AI platform.

Other notable raises include Tabi Chain with $16.08 million for its Cosmos-based blockchain, and Lombard, which integrated Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) into decentralised finance (defi) with a $16 million round led by Polychain Capital.

The funding spree also boosted Prodia's distributed GPU network with $15 million and Redstone's oracle services with $15 million in Series A funding.

These investments underscore growing VC confidence in technologies enhancing AI capabilities, blockchain innovation, and decentralised financial solutions.