Beijing-based Linekong Interactive, a gaming and film production company, is allocating $US15 million to invest in projects leveraging the Bitcoin network.

This fund, titled "BTC Next,"  will back initiatives focused on asset issuance protocols, trading markets, expansion, virtual machines, and other related endeavours.

The investment comes in the wake of significant growth within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Notably, the introduction of data storage methodologies like Ordinals and Inscriptions has empowered the creation of unique digital assets on the blockchain.

A specific example is the BRC-20 Bitcoin tokens, which have gained considerable traction and achieved a market capitalisation of $US1.36 billion since their launch.

Crypto exchanges Gate and KuCoin have both revealed their intentions to list Sats, a memecoin based on the Ordinals BRC-20 token standard, on their respective platforms. Gate commenced accepting deposits for Sats starting at 4 a.m. EST on November 8.

KuCoin announced it will allow deposits, with trading projected to commence at 5 a.m. EST on November 9, pending fulfillment of token deposit liquidity requirements, according to their statement.

KuCoin specified that the trading pair SATS/USDT will be available on their exchange.