Macro investor Dan Tapiero anticipates a "scary bullish" trajectory for Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC), foreseeing a surge beyond $90,000 if it breaches the $65,000 mark.

Tapiero highlights an impending completion of a sideways overlapping flag-type consolidation in BTC's price chart, signaling a potential breakout.

Despite the lack of a specific catalyst for the anticipated surge, Tapiero emphasises its irrelevance, focusing instead on the continuation of BTC's upward trend.

Tapiero shares a six-month BTC price chart, suggesting a sustained upward trajectory and a potential all-time high in June.

Expressing optimism, Tapiero implies that even after reaching $90,000, BTC could continue its ascent.

Encouraging BTC holders to remain steadfast, Tapiero echoes sentiments from fellow macro investor Raul Pal. As of the latest update, BTC hovers around $61,600, approaching Tapiero's projected breakout threshold.