SynFutures has officially launched its V3 protocol on Coinbase's Layer 2 network, Base, allowing users to trade and provide liquidity with Oyster Odyssey (O_O) points.

This launch coincides with the start of Meme Perp Summer, a six-week initiative aimed at expanding community asset listings and rewarding meme communities.

The platform plans to introduce new asset listings, including memecoins and liquid staking derivatives (LSD) assets, to enhance liquidity and yield opportunities in the onchain futures space.

SynFutures' expansion to Base follows its successful performance on Blast (CRYPTO:BLAST), surpassing $100 billion in cumulative trading volume across all chains, solidifying its position as a leading perpetual DEX in Web3.

As part of the launch, SynFutures is offering fee promotions on major asset pairs and expanding its O_O points system to provide additional rewards to users on both Base and Blast platforms.