SushiSwap has evolved into Sushi Labs, marking a significant transition from its original decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) structure.

This change comes after several months of intense discussion within the community.

The rebranding to Sushi Labs signifies a strategic shift towards a new business model and governance framework aimed at enhancing responsiveness and efficiency within the Sushi ecosystem.

This development was officially announced on June 11, following proposals that began in March to address the protocol's slow adaptation to market shifts and user needs due to its DAO-based governance.

Sushi Labs will function as an autonomous entity responsible for the administrative, technical, and operational aspects of the SushiSwap ecosystem.

Emulating the organisational structure of the Synthetix protocol, Sushi Labs will implement a council system comprising the Sushi High Kitchen, the Treasury Council, the Grants Council, and the Ambassador Council.

The central governing body, the Sushi High Kitchen, will consist of six to eight members overseeing a multisig setup for transaction management, a move designed to streamline decision-making processes and foster agile responses to market demands and user requirements.