Supra is actively driving the transition from Web2 to Web3 by enhancing oracles, cross-chain communication protocols, and introducing a novel consensus mechanism, all aimed at establishing a more secure and interoperable digital landscape.

Currently, the company's next-generation oracle technology plays a pivotal role in updating more than 1.5 million cryptocurrency data pairs on a daily basis.

In support of these endeavors, Supra has successfully secured over $24 million in early-stage funding from private investors.

This funding comes from various highly regarded venture capital firms, including Animoca, Coinbase Ventures, HashKey, Prosus Ventures, Razer, United Overseas Bank Venture Management, and Valor Equity Partners.

Supra is actively developing an innovative cross-chain oracle system and a "bridgeless" communication network.

Its primary objective is to achieve sub-2 second finality while ensuring security levels that are projected to be more than 10 times superior to existing bridge solutions.