An editorial published in the Nature Bioscience journal highlighted the potential of decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) in supporting scientists in underfunded fields and locations.

The article proposes that DAOs can streamline the research process by overseeing project organisation, fundraising, feedback collection, and market introduction through a transparent and decentralised governing body.

As stated in the editorial, project proposals submitted to a DAO give members the ability to vote on them. In case the project leads to an invention, it is transformed into an intellectual property non-fungible token (IP NFT) owned by the DAO, making it community-owned, similar to a patent.

DAOs leverage blockchain technology, enabling transparent and decentralised transactions that are not controlled by a single entity or institution. This approach democratises project funding and community engagement, particularly benefiting scientists in less affluent regions or institutions, as well as those working in traditionally underfunded research sectors.