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Stocks at 4-month highs

Felix Group Holdings (ASX:FLX) hit a four-month high in Friday’s trading session, after the company’s shares rose 23.08%.

Probiotec (ASX:PBP) shares have also climbed to the highest in four months after rising 15.48% in Friday’s session. 

Other stocks at four-month highs are AD1 Holdings (ASX:AD1), Michael Hill International (ASX:MHJ), Schaffer Corporation (ASX:SFC), VEEM (ASX:VEE), NZME (ASX:NZM), WIA Gold (ASX:WIA), Hotel Property Investments (ASX:HPI), Lowell Resources Fund (ASX:LRT), GWR Group (ASX:GWR), Centrepoint Alliance (ASX:CAF), Frontier Digital Ventures (ASX:FDV), Kelsian Group (ASX:KLS), K&S Corporation (ASX:KSC), and Humm Group (ASX:HUM).

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