Following the example set by MicroStrategy, Metaplanet, a publicly listed Japanese investment firm, has announced its decision to adopt Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) as a core treasury hedge asset, investing approximately 1 billion yen ($6.5 million).

Specialising in investments within the Web3 and metaverse sectors, Metaplanet's move to incorporate Bitcoin into its treasury assets is supported by influential names in the investment world, including Sora Ventures and UTXO Management, along with prominent individuals like Mark Yusko of Morgan Creek Capital and Jack Liu, a co-founder of Ordswap.

Jason Fang, the founder of Sora Ventures, hailed Metaplanet as "Asia’s first MicroStrategy," highlighting the company's strategic decision as a way for Japanese investors to gain Bitcoin exposure while mitigating regulatory risk.

This adoption marks a significant step for Metaplanet, paralleling the trend of utilising digital currencies as a means of diversification and investment within the technological and financial landscapes.