In response to the declining activity and dropping NFT floor prices on Starknet (CRYPTO:STRK), despite a rise in Ethereum (CRYPTO:ETH) value, the Starknet Foundation has launched a Gaming Committee.

This initiative is set to invigorate the gaming sector on the Ethereum layer-2 blockchain by dedicating a substantial $125.5 million in tokens towards the development and promotion of gaming.

Specifically, the committee is armed with 50 million Starknet (STRK) tokens earmarked for supporting its ventures aimed at enhancing Starknet’s gaming ecosystem.

The committee’s mission is to thoroughly examine the current landscape, devise strategic plans, and sanction programs that could boost the number of games built on Starknet and attract more players to the platform.

Starknet outlines that the success of this ambitious endeavor will be gauged through various metrics including daily active users, retention rates, and generated revenue, highlighting its focus on tangible growth and engagement within Starknet’s gaming sphere.