On April 5, Starknet's (CRYPTO:STRK) network faced a significant disruption when its block production came to a halt for approximately four hours, according to data retrieved from Starkscan, a block monitoring tool associated with the Ethereum (CRYPTO:ETH) layer-2 protocol.

This interruption was due to a block reorganisation incident, which Starkscan confirmed by indicating a conspicuous gap between the generation of blocks 630028 and 630029.

Interestingly, Starknet's status page did not report any irregularities on the network for that day, leading to some confusion among users and observers. The root of the problem was identified as a rounding error bug, which Starknet addressed in a statement released on platform X.

The bug caused a reorganisation of the blockchain's blocks, which, despite not halting block production entirely, led to the network's transaction backlog reaching its maximum capacity.

This irregularity raised concerns regarding the stability and reliability of Starknet's operations within the cryptocurrency and blockchain community. For more detailed insights into the event and Starknet's response, further information can be accessed through specialised cryptocurrency news outlets.