As the S&P 500 sees a decrease in average dividend payouts, the realm of crypto staking rewards is on an upswing, boasting an annual reward high of 84.19%.

With a remarkable 450% increase over the conventional dividends paid to S&P 500 investors, the cryptocurrency staking market is exhibiting remarkable growth.

Despite both the S&P 500 and the cryptocurrency markets experiencing significant expansions, the disparity between traditional stock dividends and crypto staking rewards continues to widen.

The S&P 500 showcased its strongest first-quarter growth in five years with a 10.16% increase as of March 31, according to Google Finance.

However, its average dividend yield rate has dropped to 1.35%, the lowest in over two years since Q4 2021, barely higher than the record low of 1.12% from the first quarter of 2000.