Solana's (CRYPTO:SOL) upcoming Firedancer validator client is launching a $1 million bug bounty program this week, encouraging developers to uncover critical issues in the new software.

Hosted by Jump Crypto and powered by Immunefi, the bounty runs for 42 days starting July 10, with payouts in USDC (CRYPTO:USDC) reaching up to $1 million per bug.

Firedancer, developed by Cantelope Peel of Jump Crypto, aims to enhance Solana's network performance by serving as an independent validator client.

It promises improvements over existing solutions like QUIC, particularly during high network traffic periods.

Currently in early stages, Firedancer v0.1 focuses on refining Solana's consensus algorithms and fork choice mechanisms, alongside testing for scalability and robustness.

Implemented in C and C++, Firedancer targets efficient handling of high transaction volumes, a critical aspect for Solana's $60 billion ecosystem.