Amid the fervor of meme coin trading, Smog Token (CRYPTO:SMOG) emerges as a notable player alongside FLOKI (CRYPTO:FLOKI) and PEPE (CRYPTO:PEPE), capturing investors' interest with its Solana-based dragon-themed concept.

PEPE sees a 15% surge after a weekend dip, displaying a strong uptrend pattern supported by increased spot volumes and speculative activity.

FLOKI maintains momentum, gaining over 28% in 24 hours and approaching its previous all-time high, with technical analysis indicating a bullish outlook.

Smog Token experiences a 24% surge, accumulating over 88,000 holders and garnering mainstream attention from notable figures like Gerhard Bitcoin Strategy.

With rising trading volumes, attractive staking rewards, and promising fundamentals, Smog Token offers investors an intriguing opportunity amidst the ongoing meme coin frenzy.