Shiba Inu's anticipated 16% rally comes on the heels of a significant whale accumulation, with over $330 million in assets gathered in just one month, signaling a robust vote of confidence from major investors.

Despite a 30% correction early in March, SHIB's whale addresses have not wavered, accumulating over 11 trillion SHIB, thereby injecting $337 million into the market and reinforcing bullish sentiment.

The composition of SHIB's active addresses reveals a strategic wait-and-see approach by investors, with a dominant majority holding out for gains, reducing the likelihood of mass selling and stabilizing the token's price.

Shiba Inu's technical indicators, including a poised MACD bullish crossover and robust support levels, underscore a promising outlook for SHIB, with potential to reach new 2024 highs beyond the $0.00003599 mark.

While SHIB's trajectory is set for ascent, maintaining the crucial $0.00003000 support level is imperative to sustain the bullish momentum, as a drop below could challenge the optimistic forecast and test lower support zones.