Australia-based attorney Bill Morgan sheds light on the United States Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) broader objective in the ongoing legal dispute, emphasising that the agency's primary target is crypto's regulatory status as a whole, not exclusively XRP (CRYPTO:XRP).

Morgan highlights the SEC's persistent claim of authority to regulate digital assets as securities, suggesting that this stance applies to all cryptocurrencies, not just specific ones like XRP.

He underscores the significance of the SEC's interlocutory appeal last year, warning of potential allegations that cryptocurrencies are not commodities but investment contracts.

Addressing inquiries about the possibility of the SEC altering its stance on XRP's security status, Morgan asserts that the agency's focus remains on the broader regulatory framework for all crypto assets, not solely on individual tokens.

The outcome of the SEC v. Ripple case holds implications for the entire cryptocurrency market, offering insights into the SEC's classification of digital assets and their regulatory treatment, with the upcoming grand trial on April 23 anticipated to provide further clarity.