SeaStock has been selected to participate in the MassChallenge Switzerland 2023 accelerator program.

SeaStock is the only Australian company to be selected as a finalist in this year’s program, which will provide the company with access to mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities with global industry leaders.

“We are honoured to be selected for the MassChallenge Switzerland 2023 accelerator program,” said SeaStock Managing Director and co-founder Tom Puddy. 

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us to reach a global audience and to share our business journey with global industry players.”

SeaStock is developing a novel method to cultivate and replicate the reproductive life cycle stages of Asparagopsis taxiformis seaweed, which has been shown to reduce methane emissions in livestock by up to 90%. 

The company has also filed for a patent for its method of extracting high-value compounds from seaweed and algae for use in a range of industries.

“We are part of an emerging industry that is focused on methane reduction across the global agriculture sector,” said Puddy. 

“The interest in our industry is growing exponentially year on year and we are at the forefront in terms of the science behind cultivating and extracting high value compounds from seaweed and algae and commercialising the supply of those products to end users globally.”

SeaStock has already established a multi-year collaboration agreement with the Marine Research team at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia, and has completed its first commercial harvest at the Abrolhos Islands off Geraldton, Western Australia. 

The company is currently engaged in conducting feasibility studies for a fully operational commercial plant in regional Western Australia in 2024.