Casey Rodarmor, founder of Bitcoin Ordinals, introduces Runes, a new protocol for Bitcoin-native (CRYPTO:BTC) fungible tokens, set to launch alongside the upcoming Bitcoin halving, marking a pivotal evolution in Bitcoin's digital asset management capabilities.

Runes builds on the Ordinals initiative's success, offering a streamlined process for creating, minting, and transferring digital commodities within the Bitcoin ecosystem, potentially transforming the digital asset creation and exchange landscape.

The Runes protocol simplifies transactions into a single action, compared to the multi-step processes required by other token standards like BRC-20, and introduces features for extendability, unique token naming, and enhanced security against token-related risks.

Utilising a UTXO-based issuance and transfer system, Runes aligns with Bitcoin’s foundational design principles, enabling efficient and flexible token management directly on Bitcoin’s blockchain, enhancing the network's utility for a wide range of applications.