RockTree Capital, a prominent crypto-native fund and merchant bank based in Beijing, launches its innovative website, depicting a futuristic Cyberpunk Crypto City concept.

The interactive cityscape represents RockTree's vision of a Web3-dominated future, blending technology, finance, and culture.

With a focus on decentralisation and privacy-enhancing technologies, RockTree advocates for self-sovereignty and freedom.

Leveraging deep regional relationships, RockTree accelerates the trajectory of projects from Infrastructure, DeFi, Cross-chain, and the Bitcoin Ecosystem in both East and West markets.

Founded by Omer Ozden, RockTree embodies a grassroots approach bridging Eastern and Western crypto markets, empowering portfolio investments such as dYdX (CRYPTO:DYDX), Chainlink (CRYPTO:LINK), and Fantom (CRYPTO:FTM).

Through advanced behavioral neuroscience methods, RockTree prioritises the human aspects of Web3 innovation, aiming for widespread adoption of decentralised finance, depicted in its Cyberpunk Crypto City website.